Parent & Committee


Emily Attwood

Chairs meetings, overall responsibility for Playgroup. Oversees the Administrator.
Vice Chairperson   Assists and deputises for Chairperson
Committee Secretary Lauren Lyons Minute taking at meetings, newsletter, prepares agenda for meetings
Treasurer Francesca Ciereszko-Lane Organises all financial matters relating to Playgroup, eg pays bills, wages, keeps budget.
Vice Treasurer  Dulce Smythe Assists Treasurer, collects and banks fees.
Fund Raiser  Marzena K-H Chief Fund raiser, responsible for fund raising team
Vice Fund raiser  Rachel S-R Assists fund raiser.
Committee member Suzanne H Safeguarding Lead

Committee Parents

The playgroup is run by an elected committee, which ensures that major decision making is in the hands of the parents who use the group. A voluntary parent committee, that is elected at the AGM each Autumn term, 

We are always in need of new committee members and helpers and can never have enough volunteers. 
The committee has overall responsibility for the educational provision at the Playgroup and is responsible for the employment and appraisal of staff, policy making, running the business side of the playgroup and fund raising. 

The committee meets regularly to discuss any issues that arise and to organise fund raising events. 
Please REMEMBER - the committee is only a group of mums and dads like you, so don’t ever feel worried 
about joining in or making suggestions - it can be a lot of fun!